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Allow Borat Back To Rugby Matches Petition

Borat banned from rugby in New Zealand in an unprecedented crackdown on alcohol and lewd conduct.
According to recent reports, Borat  and the Borat Mankini Costume in particular has been banned from attending rugby sevens tournaments in New Zealand.

Organisers of the sevens tournament in Wellington are for the first time putting a dress code in place saying that Wellington's biggest party is "getting out of hand".

Former New Zealand sevens captain Eric Rush supported moves to impose reasonable standards. "I saw some of the bums they're talking about last year and I think it's a good idea."

Now we are not suggesting that there should not be a reasonable standard of dress code at rugby matches but what people need to decide is what is a reasonable standard of decency first. The next thing you know is they will be banning girls wearing bikini's at rugby matches - if they want to ban the mankini - why not ban the bikini?! - if they don't ban both isn't that pretty sexist?

Before this happens, we urge you to sign this petition to bring back Borat to rugby!

For more on this story and for an image of the
Borat Mankini Costume at the Rugby in 2007 follow the link, or this one in a NZ Newspaper.

If you would like to get a Borat Mankini costume for yourself, you can find it here: Jokers' Masquerade Borat mankini Costume

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